Am I being played?

So i was working with one or two entities. I’m a novice and I’ll admit this. The spirits I work with are patient with me but they’ve made it very clear to me they know I’m new and that some spirits will try to take advantage to this. Fast forward a couple of days I’m reading up on entities. I’m approached by 3 big named guys seemingly out of nowhere. I know they are legit because of how strong their presence is and because I asked for their signatures. An entity claiming to be Abandon seems to take an interest in me. Keep in mind I was just reading up on everyone and anyone. These guys came to me not the other way around. 3 big names all together at once.

So I start talking to him and he very obviously is trying to take control of the relationship and eventually he offers me the ability to make a pact. He’s very persistent about it. He also asks me to get his sigil tattooed and sign it in blood right away. Very soon. He asked a few other things and was very specific so I’m not gona reveal that here. He flies around the room alot if that indicates anything. I was being pushed in a few different ways and I accidentally call on an entity via intrusive thought to get him to stop. A few entities are present and talking with each other and I ask “do i have to be here for this?” they leave and come back. He feels different almost sad?

In a way. Very different energy than before. He straight up says to me “I want out of our pact, don’t get my sigil tattooed, don’t do the other task for me and don’t call me again” paraphrasing. I’ve worked with two different versions of him that I believe to be two different aspects. I want to make it clear they were all very aware of how much of a novice I am and I believe him to be trying to control even command me this early on in the relationship probably do to my lack of experience. Another entity with them said to me that “respect has to be earned” and I’m waiting on working with that guy one do to how dark he is and 2 until I’ve researched him more thoroughly.

I don’t have a reason to believe these are impostor entities but I don’t understand the situation and was told as much. I was told by Beelzebub who I also work with and have known for the longest that “don’t trust every entity. Some will try to abuse you. Some will take advantage of you. Not everyone has your best interests at heart” though I’m paraphrasing. I asked the other entities to help via intrusive thoughts and I feel like they responded though I classified I didn’t mean to ask for their help.

I guess what I’m asking is was this really him and if so how did I mess up? Not just in being taken advantage of and the power dynamics switching I think I know why that happened. But rather why this happened at all. Please be kind I realize I did stuff wrong and I’ve very nervous about this posting.

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