...Am I Being Contacted?

Because if so, whoever is doing it doesn’t even have my name right.

Sitting on my couch, and then a voice from inside my radiator says “Zachary”.

Huh. Well. Dunno what to do about that.

Maybe your radiator was just introducing himself :slight_smile:

I always thought the walls had ears.

LOL! Actually, my stomach (!) used to say, “Oh,NO!” at times, even heard by others present. . . & my car used to mumble quietly. . . .since “died” in an accident.

“Zachary…this is your radiator…get off your ass and dust me, dussssstttttt mmmmeeeeeee…OoooOOOoOoooOOoo… No, seriously, get up and dust me damnit.”

I did have some astral projections where a vacuum cleaner and a wad of tissue paper talked to me.

I don’t think anyone wants to hear about date night.

I don’t think anyone wants to hear about date night.[/quote]

Sorry, I know we’re all for being more on topic now, but that is the single funniest thing I’ve ever read on here! I salute you.

Back on topic, astral projection and trance journeying are excellent ways to learn to communicate with “inanimate” objects, it can completely change your view on “stuff” when you see that everything has some kind of a soul.