Am i being attacked or? Can’t read my own divinations either

Ok, so I’m trying to keep this short as possible . My life had hit a whole nee rock bottom . Not sure if this is a test ? Or someone is literally doing something to me . I do cleanses , lbrp , you name it . And it seems to be getting worse . Every time i try to read my own cards i get super mixed results as well, maybe i need outside help? Here’s what going on

-relationships (two this year) fell apart quite bad (not abusive, just he said she said kinda thing ) and continue to hate my life for it
-Also i cannot for world of me stop thinking about my ex , which is weird to me to be honest I’m not clingy like that
-Job under a ton of pressure and getting slow
-Had surgery twice for breaking my leg and hand on freak accidents
-Two of my dogs died out of nowhere

  • Fight with a ton friends
    -covid 19 positive few months back
    -Now legal issues which I’ve never had problems before
    -Family Deaths

That’s just the core of it . Now could someone be doing something to me ? Idk . If anyone could definitely help… that’d be amazing since my divinations almost seemed blocked per say ? It’s weird . If someone can help with divination , I’ll we be forever thankful to getting down to what’s going on.


I’m going to take a guess that the relationship with your ex was rather hectic?
To the point of abusive? (not to pry)

No not at all. Nothing abusive at all , quite the opposite we really just fought one time and it was words . Nothing attacking just he said she said kinda thing. @Forwardfacing

Did your ex also practice magick? It’s possible she put some type of spell or hex…


Here’s the thing . Idk for sure . If she did she hid it well. That’s what I’m trying to figure out . But anytime i try to do a divination or asks spirit . Nada. @Arabian

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When in doubt, an uncrossing ritual is not a bad idea. Along with removing curses and hexes, it removes bad luck that possibly results from our mistakes and thoughts. I am not suggesting you are to blame, this year has been insane in general, but how we view things internally can influence our external life. It creates a blank slate, in a way. Not a bad thing to add to one’s practice.


The reason I mention it, is because I’ve experienced that twice in my life, once recently (also had a break up) and once previous, once these ex’s were out of my life they spent their time playing the blame game and making up stories on a constant basis and were thereby always thinking about and focus on me.
Before however it was a case of during both relationships to be the source of emotional support which later I found was simply vampirism, and thus the reason I ask.

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@anon46066516 See this sounds oddly familiar . A lot of friends etc pointing fingers as well. It was all pretty dumb in my opinion but here we are .

Is there one in particular you like more than others?

Honestly, a good old coffee bath/wash with some salt and a bay leaf does the trick for me. The trick is to take time to empower the ingredients with separate intentions: the salt to extract workings/energy not suited for my favor on my body, the coffee to break down obstacles and give power to continue my journey, the water to “wash” away what does not serve me down the drain, and the bay leaf to give me luck in future choices. You can use visualization while bathing revolving around everything from the year and any possible influences being extracted from your body while taking in power from the coffee and bay leaf into it to fill the “void”. Then visualize all the stuff going down the drain when you are done. If there are prayers you wish to add, you can as well.

The idea is that you basically performing a series of smaller rituals that build up into a more complex working.

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Sounds like a (covert) Narcissist to me…not pretty.
If that does sound familiar then that’ll be the cause, if your ex was into magick or spiritual practices, only makes it worse…
Basically the spiritual/energetic consequences of being like someone of such a type, is that a) They drain you and project upon you all that belongs to them which they blame you for and get others to do the same…which ends up being basically a constant psychic attack and drain, because it’s them coming directly through your own mind/body and everything they’re throwing your way goes direct through you.
Then b) they don’t let go and think about you constantly. which is why you constantly think of them.
C) basically it’s an infiltration of your system, worn down over time, essentially that’s what I would refer to as a parasite.
I’m quite sensitive, even just before I could feel her (my ex) having sex with someone, I’m still working through ridding myself of such. My suggestion, no contact…and then constant energy work, banishing if possible, LBRP in my experience will do very little…GBRP, or even SBRP (banishing ritual with elemental spirit banishing pentagrams) though the latter, can be overwhelming to say the least.
Otherwise, I would suggest circle work, to cleanse clear and purify your system, I was working with Lilith to clear my system in circle during recent work but I stopped, as I couldn’t afford for the ex to KO or worse (Lilith, certainly wasn’t happy with her, still isn’t :slightly_smiling_face: ) . Mind you her (the ex’s) attacks have also been affecting our daughter, as she was feeding off her suffering and using her suffering to make me suffer, on top of the smear campaign etc. also.
Long story short, there is very little you can do that won’t result in backlash, you’ll lose friends if she’s already infiltrated them, family will end up with suffering, the list goes on.
The best you can hope for is no contact and to turn it back against them, that’s from my experience though, everyone is different, however physiologically people like that affect the nervous systems of their victims and spiritually it’s like they push through your system as they try to become you and make you whatever projection they’re placing upon you as well as steal your life (literally)

@Saurons_RightEye The best suggestion I can give, is to study what you’re up against on a physical/mental/psych level, before you try magickal/energetic works, because they can actually drain your efforts thereof. I gave myself a reading yesterday, it was clearly about her not, me. I worked on myself, things went well for her, messed me up. The list goes on.
Otherwise, work from the inside out there after, the more of the emotional energy you picked up from the you release, the stronger you’ll inevitably become.
I actually taught my ex plenty, which lucky for me I didn’t teach her everything I know, but it gives me the advantage for I know what I did teach her.
Apologies if I’m ranting.