Am I asleep? Am I awake?! Who dis?!?

I apologize in advance for wall of text, but want to put down as much as I can recall to try to piece together meaning (if possible) from my experience this morning, It has been a month or 2 since my last real lucid experience, but even comparatively, this one seems among one of the stronger ones i’ve ever had.

In my dream, I am walking down stone flights of stairs that curve around a wall each story to go down to the next. I can see the dust on them, hear my steps echo downward. (I’ve seen these stairs/been to them before?) As I go lower, my body begins to vibrate. It vibrates more each flight until it feels like i am being smothered by the vibrations. (they expand from my root to encompass my entire body. there is a pressure to them) I fight at the constrictive feeling and find myself immediately at the top walking down again. Each time the same happens, and each time I reach a little lower and the feeling is a little stronger. On the 6th time, I turn the corner and the flight of stairs go into complete darkness. The vibes are so strong. I try going further, but it is like a force holding me in position. I yell at it to let go of me. … …
~Everything shifts
I exit the stairs at the top and am outside the skin of some structure, high up above the water. I am completely naked. I sit on some metal platform that is being suspended above everything. I grab hold of the two metal cables and slowly rock it like a swing ever further over the water. I look out across the water and see the forest in the distance. It is quiet, but also beautiful. As I swing the thought of jumping off comes to me, though that would probably hurt me from the fall as I am at least 10 stories up in the air. I mention something about how peaceful it looks and hear a child say,

child voice: “I agree…”
me: “I wish I could travel here”
child voice: “that would be nice”
me: “wait, are you here with me?!”
child voice: “I am”
me: “it’s nice to meet you”
child voice: “you as well”
me: " don’t know how I got here really. I was trying to go down the stairs, but kept ending up somewhere else"
child voice: “He won’t let you”
me: “wait. he won’t let me? who is stopping me?”
child voice: “…”
me: “I’m sorry I forgot to ask, what is your name?”
child voice: ~something said but can’t hear it

I wake up on my side in bed. That was a weird dream? Wonder what it was about. Try to move from bed but my movements are weird. Wait I’m still asleep?
~repeats 33 times in fluid motion from realization to beginning again

wake up and finally force my eyes open, though they seem to want to close and go back to dream loop. I had laid down to sleep for an extra hour at 7am. It is now 1pm.

I’ve had false awakenings before, but this was on another level. I’ve been trying to parse out the who’s and whys, but still unsure. I think maybe it might be myself stopping me from going further, as with the strong vibes i become a bit wary/fearful. Right now my only plan of action is to try and descend further should the chance arise again, but not sure if that is the right approach either. Then there is also the question of who was I talking to. I felt no vibes from them as I usually do from entities, but I am almost certain it was an outsider as their voice wasn’t mine and had something to it. Also, they didn’t have a bad feel to them.