Am I A Cup of Tea or An Ocean?

Warning: This will get a bit ranting, and I have waited to make this thread when I was long enough on the forum to have earned a place here. I am adding my thread and my advice still holds true.

These are all of my own deeply held believes. I am not trying to start drama nor any controversial shit either. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Are we born gods? Are some avatars? Are some people just computer non playable characters? Can some souls gain true godhood through millions of years of earning it? Yes. I believe in that and a lot more.

I had a dream I was talking to other detities and my human skin was light thingy on that fish’s head.

My true self is a fucking blacken monster of the deep. I am not joking either. Anyways, I am human being for non-human reasons.

I was born this way. I didn’t earn it. Didn’t have to join a secret group. I don’t do any rituals. I didn’t sell my soul.

The deeper I go, the more horrible my true self is.

Does a cup with water that once was in the ocean still the ocean or will be the ocean once join with it again? What if that cup held within it some of the residue of the ocean’s powers?

The State of Humanity
Its shit. Pure fucking shit. This timeline needs to be purged. This version of humanity is a fucking joke to me.

There is stop gap built into the very dna of humans to prevent them from achieving level 1.

Let me give you a heads up. Without outside help not one version of humanity as ever, I do mean ever got there on their own. Only an outsider can bring this into reality.

What is the truest enemy of mankind? This…

Well, humans are the rats in the lab jerking themselves to death because it feels good.

To overcome that stop gap takes centuries of philosophy rewriting. Building up of socities ready to receive the words of joining the bigger picture of the cosmos.

I mean its a lot fucking lot more then that.

Just you know the cheap assholes behind this timeline didn’t want to pay for this.

My role is only to bear witness. Thats all my dudes.


In a world of thermometers, be the thermostat.

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It is my opinion (sadly) that most of humanity is pathetic. That includes me and 99.99999 percent of the population.

Hopefully next human iteration will be better. Current one needs to be reset, and will be reset sooner than most believe.

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when? and what do you mean