Alternatives to Stagaldr

I have recently studied futhark and Stagaldr, integrating it into my sorcerous practice to great effect. Although I am very happy with the results of stagaldr and rune yoga, I find that the nordic gods aren’t explicitly anti-nomian, and that runes themselves remain an area of ‘grey’ magick.

In ritual I am looking for other cultural explorations of movement to enhance spellwork, motions or symbols that can be attached to meaning and deities of a LHP current. Failing this perhaps avenues to channel dark energy through runes with appropriate antinomian deities.



I was dealing with Celtic runes, which may have one or more that are the same as Norse, but different name intent and effect.
I drew five spirit runes into a pentagram shape, waited a day and inverted it. I do not recommend that, but there is grey magic through runes.
Another would be sending runes to someone of a particular element that they can’t handle based on their natal chart.

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Well EA Koetting’s books deal with alot of LHP stuff so use your imagination. Demonaltry, Abyssal energies, Voodoo, Mesopotamian. I’m thinking maybe turn the runes upside down, but even this I think would be culturally inappriate for working within the paradigms of systems non- Nordic/Celtic. Perhaps then, find what golden dawn signs I can make us of, OR make up my own sort of chaos yoga.

Basically I was wondering if anybody knew of any motions that are as complete a system as stadhagaldr?

Greer published a Celtic Golden Dawn book which looks good and uses runes in there, and I bet more Norse in nature than the books I have with Celtic Runes, actually one book has them, another references them.
LHP, well, there is the dark fay, there are shades as always, vampiric systems.

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Ill look into these and continue my practice and research thanks.