Alternative pantheons?

Ok so I’m aware of the Loa, the demons of the goetia, angels, lovecraftian old ones, the dark gods ect… What are some lesser known pantheons and where can I learn about them?
Cheers in advanced :stars:

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I guess you could class these loosely as the obvious pantheons for the various pagan religions, which tend to have a long historical record and thier own communities, books etc.

For list of more non pagan entities, those discovered by western occultists, those show up in grimoires medieval to modern. Some of those grimoires will have overlaps, but some don’t.

A couple of popular ones I know about because I worked with them are (no special order):

  1. Angels of Omnipotence by Jareth Yempest
  2. The Grimorium Verum (I LOVE Clauneck, awesome entity for wealth)
  3. The Kingdom of Flames by E.A. Koetting
  4. Lucifer Awakening by Azenath Mason (the many Luciferic/promethean figures, including Prometheus, Azazel, Lugh, very fusion and cross tradition)

The Pandemonium: A Discordant Concordance of Diverse Spirit Catalogues by Jake Stratton Kent is a wonderul reference.

There’s also an online catalog here which lists most named demons and which grimoire they’re from, and vice versa lists grimoires and timelines and dependencies (lots of grimoires included rewrites of old ones: nobody cared about authors names and copyright in the middle ages). List of Grimoires


I added this to the book recommendations thread as it’s answering a slighting different question than the usual… you might be interested in that too and it’s here:

Not everything is in here, there’s more to search on, but these should be the ones that come up top in such a search. Feel fee to add more to the collection if you find some good ones :slight_smile:


Here you’ve given me a bunch to look into so I am grateful to you for that. As you can probably tell by my participations I am somewhat an active reader so I look forward to digesting your recommendations.

Funnily enough without me even asking you have answered a question I had regarding Clauneck and why I could not find him in the goetia, so again I thank you for this.

I appreciate it’s not a standard question that can be given a singular ‘cookie cutter’ response so cheers for taking the time to think, collect resources and present them to me. Very much appreciated my friend! :stars:


Olympians Magick by Hecateus Apuliensis
Titans Magick by Hecateus Apuliensis.
The 84 Genies of Power by Tristan Whitespire


Ahh cool thank you for your input, I felt the question valid especially to those who may not be willing to work within these predefined forces/sources or perhaps those willing to explore. Between yourself and @Mulberry you have given me plenty of material to indulge my appetite and I deeply appreciate the contributions. Thank you.

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Here are lists of deities by culural sphere, and a list of many African deities. You’ll find the vast majority of them to be unknown on here.


Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Do you have experience with Hecateus Apuliensis?