Altering my swagger

I am wanting work with a demon for altering my characteristics, self esteem, and personality. I am wanting to become more masculine and classy with a little bit of eloquence for speech and social matters. My goal is to have the spirit alter my physique and swagger to my desired liking. Wich demon is best to work with for altering personality?


Aeshma comes to mind (Asmodeus). He’s very classy and masculine.


He seems like a good fit, ill see if hes willing to help me.


How about Baal? His qliphoth is Harab Serapel. Is masculine and powerful, very different to Asmodeus who is a lot more straightforward. You can also try Belial but he is very complex

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There are many demons that can assist with this. I’ve had good results with the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons.

In the past I’ve also summoned demons of Goetia for these sorts of things. Ronove comes to mind, particularly for social charm.

If you look into the Lucifer book, there isn’t exactly a demon just for charisma, but there are a few powers, such as emitting an aura of calm power and dignity, the ability to influence with the calm power of your voice, as well as demons to find balance between self-esteem and ego, to find courage and enhance your personal beauty.

It may be because I resonate quite well with Lucifer, but regardless of which of these demons I may be summoning, the magick does bring out a bit of a “swagger.” I wouldn’t say it is flashy bravado so much as the calmness and natural charm that can arise from strength. You can really tell when someone’s a greasy, slimy smooth-talker. That’s not what this is. The magick can allow you to put the people around you at ease, and to lighten moods. People who people see as strong, charismatic, and attractive tend to be fun to be around and pay attention to the people around them, rather than trying to be the center of attention.

Most people are just so self-absorbed. You ever have those kinds of conversations, where it’s like you’re taking turns saying things that are vaguely related at each other? Showing an interest in people, without coming off like you are probing them for information or something to get them engaged, can be one of the single most powerful things you can do in a social situation. Many people say, “Oh, I love people!” but what they really mean is they like the dopamine-hit they get from talking at people and having people pay attention to them. When you give someone the light of focused attention, whatever your purposes may be, it can be surprising, and many latch onto this. Whatever the social situation may be, the more you put the focus on others, rather than on yourself and your own thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, the more you tend to get what you want out of the situation.


Thanks this does help alot. Tbh i can be a pretty self centered person and i need to work on that so i appreciate your advice.

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I mean I’m pretty self-centered, I just have reasonable social skills.

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Amadeus is good but have you considered angels for this sort of goal, there’s a book called angels of alchemy that may be of use to you.

I’ve worked with Belial, Ba’al, and Asmodeus as well as the angels for these sort of things