Altar Video

This is neat:

Altars: How I Ground My Black Magick

Anyone else got an outdoor altar?

It wouldn’t be practical where we live, though I’ve got some stones out in nature in different locations that sometimes get used for offerings. But not usually at this time of year! >_<

Question: how many altars do you have? :slight_smile:

If more than one, why?

Do you distinguish between “shrines” - spaces used mainly just for offerings - and “altars” (or working spaces) used mainly only for works-in-progress, and not dedicated to any specific spirit or group of spirits?

I thought it might be interesting to compare notes, thoughts, etc.

I have a set-up you’d probably call a shrine because it’s dedicated specifically to Odin and his energies/associates. I also refer to it as an altar, though, because in addition to displaying friendship/hospitality and containing offerings, I will use it as a working space for any work within that Nordic paradigm, such as runework.

I have another altar in my house which is a very plain working space for rituals involving other entities or traditions, or when working ‘alone’.

I have a shrine for my matron that is mostly used for offerings and communion. I have an altar for my patron that serves as both a shrine and a working altar cause he likes to get down dirty.

I have a shrine for my ancestral spirits and a working altar for spell work…all in a small room.

Typically I define a shrine as a place of communion and of offering love and food to the spirits. Altars are places where work is done, though the two can often blend depending on the spirit.

A collection of small anthropomorphic things like egg timers or rubber toys that sit above my library cabinet.

I intentionally purchased one, who is an egg timer that orchestrates the rest, and wears a pointy wizards hat. More show up on their own, there are ten now as I write this. Each gathers an archetypal force/purpose over time and once that is revealed I give them a name that suits the results they produce for me. It has been an organic process.

By re-arranging or moving them them I can easily externalize my own priorities and mental focus hence results with extraordinary ease. It’s quite a chaos magic style but it keeps humor high and makes people smile and laugh, while remaining a strong tool hidden in plain sight.

Edit: I also carry a few pictures of teachers and people that inspire(d) me in my wallet, which I guess is another kind of shrine. I don’t have an altar at the moment.