Alpha state?

How would I summon and communicate with demons by getting into alpha state?

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Bineaural beats meditation will take you to alpha pretty fast…

But then you’ll need someone else to come along and suggest who to contact and how to invoke them as I haven’t really tried demons… mostly Angels

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Get into Alpha.

Open a seal.

Call the spirit.

When the spirit arrives, communicate with said spirit.


What if they don’t have a sigil @DarkestKnight

So, you want to do a blind evocation, as in you are calling out to random spirits?

No I’m trying to call on specific spirits, just wanted to know how to call on them and communicate with them in alpha state since I know you can’t evoke in alpha. @DarkestKnight

You can evoke in Alpha. Almost all magick can be done in Alpha. A deeper state like Theta is really only necessary for full physical manifestation.

if a spirit doesn’t have a seal, you can try chanting its name, or you can create a seal by tracing its name upon something like the Rose Cross sigil generator.

If it’s a demon, you can chant its enn, or one of the incantations you can find here on the forum. I like to use EA’s Conjuration to Summon Forth.


From @DarkestKnight it’s a good read.