Allegory of sigils- how do YOU create them

The origin of spiritual sigils is shrouded in mystery it seems- but that’s not what this is about. I’m referring more to personal spellcraft. I realize there’s no real wrong way and the key factors are will,desire, and intent- however the Austin Spare method of canceling repeat constellations and eliminating vowels and mashing it together doesn’t seem to resonate with me anymore. I see some elaborate beauties from respected authors often inspired by entities but when constructing my own rite through intuition… drawing a blank what to say here. Anyone care to share any other unique methods?


Likely not a helpful answer, but the only one I’ve had a hand in creating came to after invocation and while meditating.

If I’m not feeling inspired, ill come up with or find symbols that represent what I’m willing to happen. For example, if I want 500 bucks next Friday, ill draw a circle for money, put the Roman numeral for 500 in the center, put 12 slash marks around the circle edge (days until next Friday), draw a rectangle vertically through the circle to represent my bank statement, etc


Seems to be the theory behind chaos magic

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that is indeed a good stancepoint.

Ok, how about this:
Take a pen and paper next to your bed or altar.
Whenever you focus on something or have a vision,
make a little drawing.
they’re well allowed to look jibberish!

After a while you’ll notice some patterns coming up.
Some symbols standing out more then others.
Go from there into making them more precise, accurate and especially simplyfiing them.

When you come down to a few certain symbols, look for reference to those in your real enviorment around you.

After a while you’ll encounter more and more reference…
That journeying gives you very specific conversations, impressions.

Focus those Energy’s into a single symbol, the one that sticked out the most over the course of action.

That Sigil became a new crafted precise familiar you access from there on.

Comunicating with it, you’ll get further explenation about where it resides energetically and which powers it is binding to your aid.

Now all of that may sound like a lengthy progressive task.
However, it can be done in a few weeks by channeling and charging you just crush through to the actual focus you seeked.

it thereby also makes sure side distractions are removed, as you purify it several times before working with the final version.

That’d be method A.

Method B,

You’d be drawing one very specific sigil based on the knowledge about symbolism you developed allready (including languages and mathematics), and charging that by scrying into it extensively.
After scrying, expose the sigil to light (sun / moon / candlefire depending on what feels right),
then setting it aside and going back to more normal life actions.
thus, the sigil being left to work on it’s own.


That’s what i got for you.

You can also go out of your body and take a small part of your astral body, convert it into a serviator and bind it to a sigil.

I’m sorry, currently i’m to lazy to re-explain that again. You’ll find more about it by studying Serviator creation.

  • in regards to that, maybe you’re at a point where you just want to work them into a completed form and get them out to others!?!? :wink:




Have you examined Spare’s art? Some of them are sigils that are still being charged today, long after his death. I kid you not. And it is indeed dark.

I have been experimenting a la Spare in the last couple weeks by drawing the outcome of my intent under similar states as as a standard sigil. So far it is roughly equal to a good elemental invocation.


Working on that, lol. I think I am starting to piece together how to create a kind of logos.

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No and to be honest I know so little about the man didn’t know he was an artist. I just need to meditate on it and see what I see literally as I’m just looking for something with a more personal touch as the aforementioned method with me they always kinda end up looking the same in a way.

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However you decide to do it, create a chant based upon the stated intent and use the chant, the meaning of which you’ve sent into your subconscious after you’ve forgotten what the chant means.


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