All Hail Belial!

This is for belial. if you have legal problems belial is the man. everybody thats worked with belial will you please comment " all hail belial" thank you belial!!!

The Ancient Devil once more heaves his bulk up into the startled innocence of the night sky turning its pale moon red with the cup of the harlot he beckons…Sweet musk filled night, languid flesh in ecstasy collapsed rivers of sorrow like sweet wine he laps, from under her skirt the keys of the apocalypse unclasped.

Belial who sang himself up out of the Abyss when there was no heaven above, or depths below, nor had man set his first steps upon the dusty plains then.

Belial who entered into the Idol in the times of Solomon, ascending reborn from that great lake that his enemy intended to drown him in!

How many nights has your shadowed form entered into my dreams? Or your hoarse throat slick with blood whispered some wicked device into my hands? And countless enemies dispatched thereafter each time his name is invoked. Indeed, Goetia, the Funeral Mourning and Lamentations of my adversaries! Why are the sons of men but playthings in the wake of our seething fury?

Lirach Tasa Vefa Welch Belial

Belial. Demonic Initiator. Ruthless and Cruel, Magnificent and Cunning, Beautiful and Terrible.