All about Harborym Aim

After working extensively with Aim this is all the knowledge I have gathered in him from our interactions.

  • He loves to be offered blood.
  • He smells like oranges.
  • Every time he shows up he seems to he wearing a necklace with a black leather cord and a large grey tooth. I finally asked him what it was from and he simply replied that it was a trophy from an aponent.
  • He’s very war and combat driven. He has been teaching me how to defend myself against certain attacks.
  • He had asked me for a blood orange to be offered (I thought that lined up a bit too perfectly), but I didn’t have any nor could I find any at the grocery store so I gave him a regular naval orange. He requested that only half of it be peeled and that I cut the peel with the blade I used to offer him my blood.
  • I also found that he is very playful in a witty sort of way and enjoys simply being talked to.
  • He seems to prefer to do “work” between 2 and 4am. He would wake me up each night.
  • Oddly I found his presence to be really near every time I’ve gone to the movies since we’ve began our interactions. So he likes going to the movies. I offered him peanut M&Ms and he turned his nose up at them. So dont offer him peanut M&Ms.
  • What I found odd was that the first time I had called him to make a pact he seemed a lot more “intimidating” in a way. Circled around me, was very dark, had some of his army surround me. But after I showed that I was afraid of him by standing my ground he cut the act out and did not seem nearly as dark as before at all. In fact if I remember correctly I believe I read somewhere that he is a day demon.
  • He likes to try to intimidate you. He thinks it’s funny.
  • His energy feels very… firey.
  • He has complained to me as well as a friend of mine that he does not get enough attention.

This has been my experience with him so I hope it helps any of you looking to work with this great Geoetic Demon.


Interesting. Thanks for this extensive info.
I feel that I’ve been approached by him. I’m sure he’ll be very helpful to work with.

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