Aligning your subtle bodies

This is a technique to align your subtle bodies it most probably the quickest i’ve ever used, i channeled this from Satagraal, the grand demon who Teaches seership and soul travel.

Enter mediation, enter the TGS, visualise your subtle bodies, while visualising, the subtle bodies.

Then say this incantation " sah balah tal sant ", say this over and over, allow it to get quieter and quieter, until it’s silent and you’re repeating it internally.

Feel your subtle bodies not merge or align but click together, imbuing each body with the other bodies energy.

And that’s it I know it sounds too simple but trust me it fucking works.


Sounds awesome.

What benefits did you get from this exercise?

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Aligning your subtle bodies, better and improved energy flow, your astral or energetic matrix evolves and aligning the subtle bodies is a step in how to soul travel.



Then I guess I’ll try it. Another exercise to indirectly stimulate my senses, fuck yeah.

Anything I should expect?

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I can’t really point that out it’s one of those techniques that you’ll get different sensations per person.

Would it help with assuming God form?

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I Imagine so, you could align with that godform using the incantation.

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