Aligning with the river for success

Hey all,

I just wanted to share a very exciting success I had yesterday.

Long story short, I was taking a friend ad newbie fisherman out to a river near my house to show him the ropes.

The water conditions were bad as there had been a lot of rain the few days before, so the water was fast, high, dirty and full of debris from a landslide.

So, I sat in the sun, listened to some Heilung and started zoning out on the water. I tried to feel the current of the river and all the energy that was rushing past us. I imagined an inverted Pentagram sort of superimposed over the river and the symbol/image of Cernunnos that I’m familiar with poped to mind as well.

Then I visualized a stream of light coming down from the Source into my head, down my body, my arm and down the fishing pole to the bait. Then I pictured as hard as I could a legal species of fish to bite the line. As in the province I live you can only keep certain species and sizes of fish. I visualized the fish being drawn to the bait from far off in the water as clearly as I could.

And I shit you not, about 15 or 20 minutes later, the same species I had imagined bit my line and I brought it in. I cannot overstate how poor the fishing conditions were and how poorly that day should have gone.

Damn folks, I’m excited.

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