Alex's Introduction

My name’s Alex. I’m 22/y old and live in Russellville, Arkansas. I am not a practitioner of any “type” of magick, although I feel an innate connection to the astral realm and believe to have intuitive knowledge in regards of such. I’m here to observe and learn. I have hopes to meet like-minded luciferians to exchange knowledge and make new connections.

Welcome to the BALG forum.

If you don’t have any practical experience in magick, what brings you here?

Is there anything in particular you are looking to learn?

Welcome to the forum.

Im here to observe and try to learn from others ideas, opinions and works.
Like-minded people sharing ideas and opinions with each other are one of many ways to discover new insights and understanding about literally anything.
I practiced evocation at one point but turned my focus on “thought magick” a few years ago trying new ways to discover genuine truths about the astral realm and our true origins.