Aleister Crowley now

Good morning,

I always wondered what happened to Aleister Crowley after death. Is there any info on that?

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I can tell you as a necromancer several things happened when he died. Close constituents of his did profound protective funerary rites to make him one of the more difficult spirits to make that contact, on one hand he became elevated as Aleister Crowly, yet the very human like spirit surfaces each time a new student picks up the work of Frater Perdurabo often times possessing his new student in an effort to fill an insatiable and forever unsatisfied binge to fill the appetite for drugs sex and rock and roll, yes rock and roll for which he feels greatly responsible for. He was totally narcissistic in life and this part of his human condition has made him a psychopomp in death. He is often not liked now just as he was in life. He definitely wasn’t really the wickedest man on the earth, but he was a beast. I love all of God creation and I believe in a paradox that thelema is the will of god, so go ahead do what thou wilt.