Alcohol by ritual

How do you think, when you’ve done the ritual to Demons, and you’r waiting for results, you can drink alkohol, or shell u do brake during this time?
Maybe You can tell me, what shell i do to do not destroy the ritual result?
Meditation, forget about the ritual, or something else?

Thank You for help! :slight_smile:

Well, considering alcohol might help you forget about the ritual :sweat_smile:, if you desire to drink afterwards, have yourself a drink! Some people even drink prior to rituals because it helps some people stimulate senses easier.

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Drinking or not drinking alcohol will not affect the results of your ritual at all, unless you made a promise to the demon in question to forgo alcohol for a certain length of time. If you break such a promise, your spell will fail, or even backfire on you.

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Haha i love Your anwser! <3

I didnt promise Demons anything. Just asked them for help, and gave them gift which i bury with candles and picture.
Do You think that Demons are doing any test on me? Many guys running for me right now. I was thinking that maybe they are trying me, if the one i made ritual on, that im sure about him.

Yes go ahead but focus on other activities too it will keep you stop worrying about the ritual
Go out with friends, if you are into gaming then game on, netflix whatever you like , good food
Anything to keep you busy


Do you think i should keep onother guys on distance? They are running for me like crazy during this time, but i dont feel good with it, im waiting for onother person instead… I think that Sitri did it, or that is some kind of test from Lucifer. Dont know :woman_shrugging: