Alchemy and shadow work whats the difference?

Since starting my pathworking with king paimon he has shown the importance of alchemy and shadow work. From your opinions what is the difference and/o similarities thanks peeps

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@Aeshmakhu both are about transformation, alchemy is about transforming lead into gold but can be a metaphor for the transition oneself from a lower state to a higher state. Shadow work is undoing the negative states caused by outer influences and internalisation of them and elevating them into healthy and positive qualities.


Okay cool thanks so alchemy and shadow work seek for imminations of the same thing but are different smth like that

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Shadow work is a type of self-improvement and trauma releasing practice based in psychology. Alchemy is the transformation of matter, usually spiritually. Though the transformation of matter definition isn’t literally changing the atomical structure like most old scriptures suggest.

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Alchemy is transmutating certain energies for a desired outcome can be ranging from physical matter to less dense vibrations of the mind spirit etc

Example : Lots of anger builds up inside you and you use it that energy to complete a task is simple alchemy of emotions

Just wanted to add that whilst it’s based in psychology you can merge it with spirituality also.

Well of course you can merge just about anything with spirituality.

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How do you do it?