Alchemical Poison of Samael insight

Admittedly I’m sharing this a bit early but I’m chewing on a bit of insight which I think at least could be useful to practitioners who are approaching the Samael initiation.

The idea is this, as stated on the first page of the Samael chapter in Qliphotic Meditations, that Gamaliel is where the chalice is filled with the alchemical poison (I might add a small modifier ‘what will be’ the alchemical poison) and Samael is where the finished alchemical poison is drank.

The insight is something along these lines - we’re used to seeing and thinking of Darwinian evolution in the outside world, and some of us are already well familiar with concepts like arms races, multipolar traps, etc. where whatever endures does so based on what reinforces its existence rather than whether it helps an ecosystem or even civilization. The scary part - that same process goes on within us and a lot of what can really ‘corrupt’ a person is various patches, I think often adaptive, which end up turning into out-of-control vice because they develop symbiotically with their host and their thriving is strengthened by a constant call-and-response between the organism and the idea complex itself.

What I’m seeing - if you find yourself in that position approaching the Samael initiation you might actually know precisely what’s going in the cup.

The idea here - that piece of logic that’s been coevolving with you and strengthening from its interaction with you goes into the cup, gets isolated, has to mutate against itself rather than against you, you then fast while you’re preparing the initiation and anytime that issue comes up you offer that into the cup as well. The idea being - once that piece of relative ‘malware’ has to adapt against itself it’s on a different trajectory, as are you, and its adaptations to your system and taking it over are no longer in alignment. What might then happen, at least in part, is that as you then take it back in after its mutated against itself it could effectively end up being an antidote of sorts. Obviously with Samael the real goal is to make a potion that smacks down all of your priors and forces you to admit that you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground in terms of ultimate reality (we tell ourselves functional stories for environmental fitness as well as trying to establish relationships with life which lead to enduring results that would make us happy).

Thinking about the contents of Samael as described it seems to have very tarot key of Justice flavors - ie. where the sword and scales come out and where what belongs stays and what doesn’t belong gets mutated / fermented into a deconstructive revelation.

Anyway I’m hoping that wasn’t too much technical thinking - just that it might be useful to someone whose trying to ‘grock’ the concept of the alchemical poison and admittedly this may just be one way of thinking about it that works for me and a particular subset of travelers.


Probably the Shmal qlipha is the most important for black magick witches it’s all about attuning and protection. Excellent job!!! :wink:

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