Akhkharu or Noctulius

Hey there
I’m looking for a powerfull entity specialized in vampirism to enter a pact.
I’m hesitating before Akhkharu, for the sumerian lore, and Noctulius from the Sinister way lore .
The goal would be to devellopped hability of astral travel, banefull vampiric feeding, and to anchor myself to this entity for post mortem survival in the vampiric way.
What is your opinion on that topic?

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Noctulius is great and its an excellent ally He empowers the black magician. You can combine this workings perfectly with Baphomet. Both they will inspire you in your path.

Hecate and Lilith are very important vampire magic teachers too.

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The Draugr from the Drakon Covenant tradition would fit this bill nicely as well; check out Codex Aristarchus and Scithain by A. A. Morain.

Thrain of Valand ?

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I’ve read those books.
Pretty nice ones. But they are not working with a particular entity, more with general Ascended Masters. Noctulius appears to be quite important in those books too.

Isn’t Akhkharu a general term for a Sumerian vampiric spirit though?

That’s why I was hesitating about Akhkharu to be honnest. I prefer entering a pact with a spirit with a name, than with a undetermine group of spirit.
In this way, Noctulius may be better, even if some consider him only as an emanation of Lucifer.

Yeah, in that case I’d go for Noctulius. That way he’d also serve as a good starting point for pathworking your way through the Tree of Wyrd if you want to.

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Hi im also interested in working with noctulius and nythra any suggestion how to pact withem,and ritual work n more.i read v.k on noctulius.