Akashic Record

With my permission is there any one that can and is willing to access my Akashic Records for me? I have been trying for months with no luck.

Have you tried soul diving yourself?

I’m not sure what that is. Does it have anything to do with the number 22? Crazy question I know but that number has literally been stalking me for months.

No, it’s basically scanning yourself but to a degree you’re basically diving into your soul’s manifested soul landscape where your inner temple is which holds your personal Akashic records.

Basic scanning is a start then taking it a step further.

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Oh okay. Thank you

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I didn’t know that was even possible. Shit! I need to try it.

You should~

As best as I understand, it doesn’t work that way.
Your records are your records.

Actually others can read your akashic records if they know how, it’s just someone choosing to soul dive/scan another and going to such a degree. When I do it I see their akashic records as varying doors within their inner temple and the most impactful life/their true self life usually is a bit different from the other doors.

Oh okay. Gotcha.
I’m always down to learn a new thing.

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Can I view mines and others akashic records through astral projecting? If so how @Velenos

Astral as a mental plane is connected to everyone’s personal mentalscape, the mentalscape isn’t that far off from a person’s soul landscape it’s just a kind of “longer” way of doing the same thing mentioned earlier. Astral project, find your target and enter their mentalscape.

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I know this sounds dumb but how do you enter their mentalscape from the astral?

Using the person you have in mind as the focal point, similar to dreamwalking. The astral is the collective unconscious, the general mental plane of everyone capable of thought, within such there’s also our personal mentalscapes that can be equivalent to pocket realms within the astral.

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I thought the Akashic records were located in a place in the Astral somewhere hidden, not that they meant as a Soul dive of another person

Where else would a person’s past lives and such be located which is related to the soul?

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This is not top notch CIA files lol its kind of like a mental library.

i had forgotten what they were exactly, thanks :slight_smile:

yea i forgot what they were lol