Aim ~

I evoked Aim. He came to me in the woods. Princess, you called me. I am here.

He has long hair and pale skin. But seems pleasant.

You are working on something very important. Do not stop. You stand in the threshold. More forward not back. You are right on the cusp of something that is going to rock worlds.

You hold the key to do this. Keep up the work and the evocations you are there. Just a little longer, princess.

Azazel, is very proud of your work and progress. But I’m sure you know that.

Keep going. You will succeed.



That’s really cool…
*sigh *… Azazel never lets me work with anyone else.


Azazel was like that with me at first. I think he has good reasons …he will gradually bring others around.


:thinking: see now i dunno if its good or bad i’ve never formally evoked Azazel. He has popped up a few times of his own accord, the first time startling the shit out of me, gave me his name some info on him was a bit weirded out but checked it out, ran with it for a bit and got hurled down the rabbit of of chaos magick involving info from skyrim for a bit :alien: that was weird times. But productive lol :alien:

Didnt see or think about him for a few years after that till the audio for the book of azazel kept gettin tossed at me on youtube. I didn’t even follow balg at the time :alien: