Aided Ascent

I bought the book evoking eternity and I am with a doubt about the aid in the ascent, I saw that in the book teaches each chapter has to be put into practice step by step, and on aid in the ascent, Koetting speaks first of the angels and then speaks About the help with the demons, my question is this, do I have to start first with the angels and then go to the demons?

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I don’t believe so, but with that said don’t just take my word for it, I had to re-read that portion to see which demons are listed. I think the reason he listed angels first is just because angels tend to be easier to deal with for beginners. The first demon listed is King Belial, which for someone just starting might be a bit much; though the first time I called him I didn’t have any real issues, he wasn’t menacing, just blunt and straight to he point. I think it really comes down to a matter of what resonates with you.


No, you don’t. Each is a pathworking and you can choose one or the other. Or both, I think most people just go with whichever they feel the most affinity with.


Yes, I gave a good check, I meditate on the subject, and I saw that it is not a required thing but a personal thing, thank you for your opinion.