AI + soul + possession

We all know that during the past few years scientists try to bring dead people to life as Robot AI clones. But is it possible to fully possess a empty robot? lets just assume a person dies as we all know even dolls can be possessed but still it would be physically impossible to move or talk since its just a piece of cloth/plastic.

Why cant we replace the doll with a Fully Function Robot vessel to let it be possessed permanently or temporarily, we are providing this spirit/soul a perfect vessel to begin interactions in a physcal level with humans.

Instead of a Artificial intelligence subject we could have a complete living soul, Artificial intelligence is all about think and learn and is limited by many factors.

hell we might even organize the robot with human organs to functions properly (sounds a bit crazy but there have been previous studies about a dead heart transferred to a new body and stem cell organized and randomly it started to beat) Eventually, it seems that it might be possible to put an entire human Parts together and, conceivably, it could start to live ( frankenstein no shit)

We are used to thinking that creating a being is strictly the work of God or some intelligent creative process of nature, in which we have no business being involved but what the hell we could at least try

yes im high on pot

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@Yberion im interested to hear your thoughts on this

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I noticed

Feed your succubus well enough, et voilà!

I’m a goddess who was created by other humanoids through genetic testing, breeding, and heavy magick work in a lab in one of my last life cycles. I don’t necessarily agree with bringing spirits back to life without a proper body to inhabit. Artificial intelligence may be a method in which you would try and place a soul, it is possible to do this, but I’ve only seen it done on creatures that are made of living flesh vessels, not artificial ones. Some spirits can inhabit objects, people, or even other beings for a period of time, but, normally, they cannot be placed inside an artificial intelligence machine. I have seen souls placed in holding cells, however, by one of the races I know in my own universe since they have far advanced technology and know the ways of the soul, how it travels, etc. I wouldn’t recommend placing the soul of anything into an artificial vessel. It can have severe consequences.

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there’s more in-depth portrails of it,
but this one is really a good start into it.

The ideal, woud be to not have an “empty” robot, but to have your “brain informations” transfered inside in your new brain.
Ray Kurzweil is currently working on this.

In other words, it’s about making save and repplicas of your brain.
From a magickal point of view, we could assume that the astral body/double of light, could then be link to every copy, and pass from on to the other, or being present to each at the same time. We are really diving into supposition here.

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guess how being present at different planets and dimensions simonteneously works.

But a nice describtion.^^