Agrat Bat Mahlat sigil

Goddess Agrath appeared in a dream and had me draw this out saying Her enn. I hope this helps anyone trying to get closer to this wonderful lady.


This is the one I’ve used for Queen Agrat. Sadly I’ve never received any dreams of any sort about her, not even sexualised dreams (which are extremely rare for me).

Your sigil kind of looks like a sperm without being distasteful.

I honestly think she protected from getting arrested or at least in trouble a few weeks back. Had a roadrage incident which turned into fisticuffs, The other driver had ripped my keys out of the ignition but the way the key ring was left, it made the shape of Agrath’s sigil that I’ve posted.

Always got the sense from her that anyone you want to fuck up I’ll do it with you/help you. She’s pretty cool and not enough about her


I agree, there isn’t enough about Her. That’s one reason why I posted that picture. I know one thing about Her, if you establish a connection with Her, She will always be there for you. Love Her.


Definitely agree she’s very supportive and present once a connection is made. Was about a year ago I established solid contact with her. Over that time I’ve been able to build a strong relationship with her, she’s one of the fastest to respond for me and is really enjoyable to spend time with.



Hope I done this right and the post includes the both of you, want a mass reply button. Okay silly question time but how do I (know) I’ve established the connection, I mean I can get a presence, the sigil works, flashes etc but never had any dreams as Ive mentioned above and except maybe that one IRL synchronicity, Guess I got to keep trying (do I just be patient) or is there a stronger method?