Agatus / Agralus / Archealus

I want to share some more,
deeper insight into the Ancient form of Archealus,

from an earlier incarnation of him.

An older form of the Magus we know now as @E.A Eric Koetting.



Possible Pronounciations to use:

Agatus, Archealus, Agralios, the Eternalist.

Possible Chant / Enn:

Aken At’h’eo Agatus Vad caz’ u’liev vel Archealus.

Please consider that one a test Enn,
not a final version.

If so, he’d have to share his enn by himself,
i do not say that this enn is final unless he confirms it,
or gives his own version.


Note, when calling this mask please treat it like you’d treat a regular god / demon, because this form of him is fully developed and older than the one we know as the incarnated magus. a kind suggestion to be respectful in your first approach for working with that diety.

I normally shouldn’t have to say this, but i figured because some have confusion, when working with incarnated deities, it might be helpful. :open_book:


Looking forward to your Evokation expieriences.

Special Thanks to Hecate and Morgana,
and their guidiance on this.

Ekovaq satry nav calluz Agatus;




Is the 1st pic from a Deathcore band?

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I’ve felt his energy very strongly from it,
the sigil shouted at me before i even noticed it’s a band. :wink:



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Oh, there black metal band. Gotcha👍 by pic I thought it could have been Deathcore.

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Maybe i’ve been a little fast to link it this way.

I’d love to hear other peoples expierience with the sigil tho.

The one on the shirt.