Aftermath of a Love spell

Hello all,
I have come to a problem with a love spell I casted. On the blood moon I decided to cast a love spell on a girl that I had been talking to for some time. I used the one Eric talked about in his video on youtube. Somethings went right and wrong and I am left in a field of confusion. First went I conducted the spell I had two extra people help me channel energy for what my desire was in doing that what I wanted to cast didnt go to my target but stayed in them and they have hooked up. But I have been advised that the energy I channeled will eventually reach her. but that is not the main thing that causes my confusion. After the spell was casted the link was still connected to her on my candle I was sitting in front of it and I began to channel a assembly of spirits or what seemed to be an assembly. I was in trance for an half an hour and I still have little memory of the event a friend of mine told me I was speaking a weird language. The two words that only stuck out was " Chatada" and “Anuna” and I still dont know what they mean only that they might be gealic in origin. If anyone knows anything please get in contact with me because this is all confusing. Also if Eric reads this please get in contact with me.

thats crazy dude. i did a couple love spells and nothing really happened i dont know if it was i didnt have enough energy or what. i recently been meditating on beleths sigil. if you have any suggestions on what i couldve done wrong please help me and maybe i could help you. im new to magick!! love to hear back