Afterlife with friends?

So I know the afterlife varies for most people. So how can I have the same afterlife as my friends in this life? Is it even possible considering that I practice the occult while they are christians? Can I visit whichever afterlife they end up in if I end up in a different one?

You all would have to agree to go to the same place after death otherwise you can’t and given their christian they have in a way given the judeo pantheon an input into their afterlife during “judgement” if they end up in the Judeo heaven then no you can’t just visit you’d have to be allowed in, if they do not make the cut they could be reincarnated as those rejected by the Judeo pantheon in that faith usually goes to hell and many LHP workers have worked with hell/the infernal and have found it to not be like Christianity depicts.

Me and my friend created a soul bond and we’re both practitioners, he kind of wants to reincarnate while I want to go “home” but he and I are from the same place between reincarnations just different tribes so it’s a bit easier.

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can u do a soul bond with me, as I want to be reborn into the infernal empire, as ones of Lilith children

Uh what? a soul bond is something personal between people, and doing such with me doesn’t mean you’ll go to the Infernal.


Don’t take those things lightly. I currently have one with an ex who isn’t good for me and randomly sends spells my way.

It is really hard to separate from those.

Also in her own element Liltih is just Lilith, she helps me when I get into trouble and comforts me.