After Evocation

Okay… so I have a rather simple question for you folks. I have been working evocation for some time and am getting sort of good at it. However something interesting is beginning to occur. That being that an influx of dialogue and information continues for hours and sometimes days after the spirit is dismissed.

So my question is… Who else experiences this? Also, should I assume that the information is indeed coming from the spirit evoked, or is this a transmutational thing where my aura, maybe consciousness is linking with that of the entity?

I would say that maybe I am making it all up… however most of the time their is no way I could be. Not just because of the nature of the information. Also because these thoughts will break through my own. I will be thinking about the last time I got laid and BAM!!!.. crazy shit comes to mind. I have literally had to start carrying around a notebook.

I’m sure others may beg to differ, my observation is that to enable a fuller comprehension or attainment of what you may be inclined towards. There may be a multitude of other factors but as long as the entity is just communicating and not bringing overly weird stuff to be, it can be seen as an opportunity to actively improve your ability to access/obtain information. Personally speaking, this occurrence seems to only be present when one is only acquainted with the entity on a surface type level.

It appears once link is improved, it seems to die down more while it’s easier for the user to reach the entity for a ‘chat’. On the flip side, other times it just means more contact. I suspect personal disposition and circumstances factor heavily into this.

Hmmmm… yes Kokuto this may indeed be true. Either way this could be true. It could mean that I am somehow putting up walls preventing solid contact, or it may be that an extremely solid contact is made.

Weird things though? Man that is subjective. Synchronicity goes through the roof at times. Once me and a lady friend were just sitting in the basement and I got a flood of thoughts coming through from who I thought to be Belial, for that is the entity I am working with a lot as of late. She was paralyzed and could not move. When the pen stopped she jumped up and ran up the stairs. Saying “Fuck this crazy shit, fuck this fuck this fuck this”! Would you consider that weird? :confused: I dont know what the fuck is weird anymore. LMAO!

Ah good old Belial. I would think that contact with that entity has added an active vibrational aspect of Belial onto your present being. Other humans then react based largely on their subconscious perception of such. Reactions are highly varied unless that vibrational quality has some very specific purpose.

But indeed, strange is subjective. When people have strange reactions to me because of an association with an entity, I am amused but it seems quite ‘normal’. My definition for strange is one step higher, like if suddenly everyone around you ‘becomes’ Belial and continues talking with you there.

Yeah, evocation almost ties you to the current of energy, and the more you work with that entity, the stronger the tie. That “after effect” of the transmitted knowledge for hours, days or weeks afterward is totally normal.

This is why you’ll meet a lot of people who always seem to be in direct communication with various entities, like a few seconds of introspection and they’re talking with them. I have that with Astarte, among others.

Yes… I can relate. It really does just take a bit of introspection and its just a matter of getting out of the way from there.

Belial is also not the only one I have experienced this with. He is just the most intense I have experienced so far.

In ritual, you can communicate with the spirit and it speaks back to you in a telepathic way usually, other times it can guide your mind through impressions and visuals, which is cool as you can analyse these later on. On some occasions though, I have received blocks of information that were placed deep into my mind and these have surfaced later on as a delayed response. Usually, this phenomenon occurs when you’re doing something physical and a complete paragraph of data just flies into your head.
I’ve also asked spirits for information and it has come through in a garbled fashion. What I mean by this is that I have received two (adjectives) at the same time, which can sound strange as you write it down but I just accept it and analyze it later. A great deal of information can come through long after the operation due to the nature of their communication I think and how spirits speak in a precise and no nonsense approach that cannot always be interpreted at the time of asking.