After evocation of Azazel

I did an evocation of Azazel because i wanted to make a pact with him I felt him but I couldn’t see him, after reading aloud my pact, I burnt it and thanked him for coming…I went to bed a little disappointed that I didn’t feel what I haven’t felt before…ie… the heavy pressure and always seeing the indigo colour when i close my eyes…I went to bed…I was meditating in bed trying to learn clairaudience when all of a sudden I felt this explosion in my 3rd eye and the room world shifted…I saw this figure couldn’t make it out as he was in the shadow…I distinctively said Azazel, and the shadow said you have been looking for me and trying to make contact and i said yes but told it i was disappointed in myself since i couldn’t see him except for spiders, and now i can hear you clearly I asked? He said you will go through the rings of fire and I said ok…he said into the void you go…and everything went black and I kept falling but i wasn’t afraid since i have lost the ability to fear, as i was in the void I looked and saw something like a tube of fire and he said go through that…and i went through it and all time stop it felt like something i have never felt before cant describe it but the heat was intense, at the end of the fire shute I landed in a very dark place with building blocks and jade horses!..I remember laughing and saying boy the Ming dynasty had way too much jade, then i heard the voice again say look further, I did and I saw all this contraptions built to maim…and he said its an obstacle course for me to reach him I must go through it…I looked closely at that…it reminded me of a mini game in Guild wars 2 called the chaos cube…anyway I did the course and landed onto a pentagram and from it i climbed into a room with a bright light that looked like an office, on the table was a pen and paper…and i have been wanting to do a pact…so I shouted I did it and the voice said we have more work to do and I felt a push and boom i woke. I have been sleeping with the universal circle under my bed after an evocation. what does this mean?


Buckle up and take notes