After affects

I have a question.
Not sure if it’s just me? Maybe it’s a sign I did something correct/incorrectly.
But whenever you do a spell on your own behalf, could be to draw money, a certain person, whatever. Does anyone ever get a massive migraine the next day after doing a spell?
I did a spell on my own behalf last night, and had a major headache all day, and it’s not the first time this sorta thing had happened.
Maybe coincidence? But just wanted some other opinions from the forum.
Thank you in advance for your response’s. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you aren’t fully used to drawing up the amounts of energies you are calling upon.

Do some middle pillar exercises or some other energy-building meditation to improve the ability for energies to flow through you unimpeded. This is one that I’ve found to be particularly effective: Chakra Merging Meditation

Basically, it’s like working out. The first few times you do the work, you’ll be sore afterwards, but after a while, you start to not get so sore.


Okay, I’ll definitely check it out.
Thank you very much for that. I really appreciate it.

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