African spirit in my visions

Hi. Recently I have been having some visions during my meditations. I often see skulls with top hats and black robes. In one of these meditations I asked for a symbol and received the following: (image at the end). It turns out that this symbol is extremely similar to a Nordic rune that, besides various meanings, symbolizes ancestry. When I saw this name I immediately associated it with African religions, since I am Brazilian and these religions are very common here. Besides seeing crosses, which I found in a scratched Exu skull point.
I really think I am right, but I would like the opinion of someone experienced in the area, since I don’t practice African magic nor am I an adherent of their religion. I would also like to understand what he wants with me, since I have no ties to the religion he was a part of.

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I work with the Loa, but I do not practice Voodoo. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a difference between being religious and working spiritually with the same spirits. The Loa came to me, wanted to work with me, I told them no for a really long time because I didn’t understand why they wanted to work with me, and I didn’t want anything to do with Voodoo.

Now I understand that Voodoo is a man created religion, it has man created rules and that if a spirit approaches me, it does not approach me with the man-made rules, it approaches with its own preferences as the operator of its own spiritual self.

I don’t have any African anywhere according to my dna, a fair number of the Loa appear to me as French rather than African, roughly half and half and well they seek me and tell me it has to do with they’d prefer operators over religious worshippers. I don’t know obviously as that’s personal gnosis, but I’ve come to think if a spirit seeks me out, it must do it for a reason just like when I seek them out.

So I’d follow your gut on this, but know that if you choose to work with these entities your experiences may vary some from the religious practices unless you choose to seek religious initiation into such faith. I personally do not find any need for worshipping the entities or other religious activities regardless of which pantheon.

I do find a place of gratitude, respect, honor and even at times devotion and is appropriate however and personally hold that these are all different from worshipping an entity and operating from a religious perspective.

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