Affirmations useful tools

I am by no means an expert this is just my opinion. I would like to hear others opinions on the use of affirmations to speed progress through tough spots in the ascent. I personally use affirmations a lot.

Affirmations are like manifestations to me so I see them as useful :slight_smile:

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I reported to an user the advice by E.A. about magnifying a desire, because sometimes it may not be enough important to proceed pursuing it with magick.
Just these days I’m doing so, using all the affirmations I can think of, as contribution to that amplification. Other affirmations may be integrated in the next phase, e.g. prior to an evocation or inside a spell, so this mean is doubly useful.

I find affirmations most helpful when I am struggling to stay focused on a specific goal. I flood my mind with positive thoughts to keep doubts away.

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