Aeshma Daeva

I’m trying to find more information on Aeshma Daeva (from a practitioner’s perspective of course ) but honestly there doesn’t seem to be much…

I searched the forum,google,YouTube etc and there’s nothing

If anyone here has worked with Aeshma please share your experiences

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Anyone ?

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Well from what i read his name means “wrath” and might be similar in there nature, but the best way to work with these more obscure entitys is to call them up yourself

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I have already done so on multiple occasions before but I simply want more information that is safe to call ACCURATE

Well…yes of course that can be found everywhere

So have you worked with him before ? I

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No i havent worked with him, but id love to and his whole system, but from the reading i have he fights against “Obedience”. if you’d like i have a pendulum with me atm and could ask a few questions

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Yeah that’d be great

I heard somewhere hes a mask of Asmodeus?