Aeon of Fate

From all my life I have always felt a connection with the divine. This fact led me to want to express that side of my Self residing in a deeper “place”… I have always had a vocation for the artistic expression of writing and music.
I want to share with you my poem that I wrote a while ago, born from a moment of trance in which I had a clear and immense visualization of my life, and in particular, of my birth.
When I live these moments my hands become a medium and a bridge of connection in which the expressions of my True Self and of the divinities close to me flow through them.

“Ω… I was born, dead, and reborn.
Before the light I created a war.
I raised a Temple, there immersed in the Darkness in which I bloomed.
Through the light I have sinned;
Without remorse, I never repented!
She hugged me and I hugged Her…
In this Earth, in this existence.
Her thirst is… more and more satisfied.
In Her Essence…
Blood, pain, love… wonderful terror.
Oh, candid vision of furious Fire.
Now present, I descend and ascend…
Always and forever, Eternally I’m transcending!
Oh Flame reborn… from ash, from embers.
Deep in the Heart, in dark glow…
Eternal Splendor Ʊ…”

Thanks for reading, :pray:


I like it :slight_smile: