Advices for a newbie

As stated in the title or my introduction im completely ignorant on everything here but really interested. Ultimately, even if its not hard i would like to have a successful summon. Of what? My knowledge is not stretched far enough to decide.
I read some topics about summoning but i dont really want to step on something unprepared, that is i want to take it step by step and still that may seem contradictory but i dont know what to search for which can enhance my knowledge.
If anyone has any advices or can help that would be very much appreciated. Thanks


I am suggesting you to try talisman making. You will see effect and the stuff will be In your hands. :slight_smile: You can try summon later.

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I can suggest to do some magick for your own personal growth, discovery and wisdom before you do magick for any material changes. The reason being you might ask for things with a state of mind that will bring you more trouble than you would like. Use magick to prepare your self for magick.


Thanks! i will look into that.

Yeah that makes sense. I will try that thank you!

hmm to newbies i suggest to do meditation - open your senses, practice tgs, work with sigils, practice lucid dreaming, learn how to astral project… i mean those are basics which you should know before jumping into evocation,invocation etc… because those things you will need in future. Also read a lot of books about magic etc. Hope this helped somehow.


Any kind of advice is of much help and always appreciated, thanks for the suggestions.