So I’m trying to establish a connection with saint death but dont know what do at the moment I also dont know the difference Between Invoke and evoke I looked in the forum but nobody really explains this well at least for me like I dont want to command and spirit againts its will especially not saint death I want to call her to establish a connection with her and I dont exactly know how to do it

last time she answer my call I was just getting ready to go to sleep and I was think of looking for a death god/goddess so I focus and call which ever death god/Goddess could here me and she responded alone aside 2 more now i dont know what this was if it was invoke or evoke or maybe neither someone please explain

To keep it simple:

To evoke is to call a spirit to appear before you, externally to yourself. It is not "against its will " because it is the nature of spirits to respond when they are called. That nonsense is nothing but propaganda from religious demonolators.

To invoke is to call the power of a spirit internally, that is, within the self. The purpose of an invocation is to identify yourself with the spirit, to absorb a particular quality. For example, an invocation of Thor for courage, in which you are not summoning Thor to appear before you, but rather identifying with him so you take on his traits.

These are the traditional definitions within Western Ceremonial Magick.

If you are calling for Saint Death to appear in your room, then you are evoking Her. If you are seeking to take on her traits, and become like Her, then you are invoking Her.

From your description, it sounds like you are inviting Her to make contact, which is evocation.


Awesome thank you So much I finally get it now👌

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Thanks for the description and explanation of the differences. This was quite helpful.

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