Ok, so I don’t know what’s going on with me. I’ve done energy work like Reiki & a few other modalities for years. Had no problem feeling or sensing energy before. Now, out of nowhere, it’s like I’ve shut down. I haven’t changed anything, nothing is different in my life, etc. Meditation, binaural beats aren’t working. Does anyone have any advice on what to do or specific meditations to come back to where I was? Thank you :blush:


I’d probably just try doing what you normally do. Sometimes the energy doesn’t feel like it’s coming through as strongly but if you’re doing a practice that works for people then it should be fine. If it still doesn’t feel like it did then maybe try a new technique.

You could try working on your entire energy body more. If you focus in on your hands/feet and arms/legs then circulate energy through your whole body that can help clear any blockages and get things flowing.

I’ll imagine a little ball bouncing back and forth through each limb/appendage and then wrap them in an “energy cloth.” If you’re not sure if you’re doing the right toe or finger you can scratch it first and then follow the little tingly feeling. I’ll imagine four “energy veins” top-bottom-left-right of my fingers/toes and arms/legs to keep my attention on that area of my body. Raising energy through my feet up through my legs feels kind of like drawing water up through a tube, sometimes with a little resistance.

I don’t do reiki but I’ve done energy healing on an animal before by raising energy up through my legs, into my heart chakra, and then moving it out through my arms into the animal. He had an injured leg and started walking around a lot better after this. During the session he became very calm, and when the energy went into him I could see all his tension relax, and I could feel a love coming from him. When I’ve interacted with him after this we seemed more connected and like we could communicate better.

You could try some chakra work as well. I visualize them one at a time and do something like what I do with the rest of my body. I’ll bounce energy through them and also do a tearing or ripping thing with “energy hands” and breath/raise energy into each chakra. This started working much better for me after working on my limbs for a bit. I’d do energy work while I was sitting in class or waiting in line for stuff (one time a professor of mine blasted energy through the whole room after he noticed me doing this, I felt dizzy afterwards). You can also bounce energy up and down your spine while walking around or whatever. My yoga teacher says to move energy up your front body and down your back body. You can also raise it up through your whole body, blast it out your head, circulate it around you in a sphere, then back up through your feet while inhaling more energy. I say fuck around and see what you can do.

I learned energy work from Robert Bruce by the way so maybe check out his stuff if you like this.


Thank you! I’m not practicing on anyone but my family at the moment, but it seriously feels as though I’ve shut down. Even my chakra work feels off and it’s frustrating. I don’t feel like even my self healing sessions are working. It’s weird. I genuinely feel like every spiritual sense is blocked or shut down right now.

I’m going to try what you given me and see if it helps. Thank you so much again.

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