Advice to those new to spiritual work


Something I see alot of here is people asking how to do different things. Someone will post several different methods to help with whatever the question was about. Shortly afterwards that is followed by, well which is the best or most powerful method. Well the fact that there are so many different ways is the answer within itself. A little backstory on me. I am a bit of a novice when it comes to magick. I have done a bit but due to paranoia in my previous paths, a whole other story within itself, I never did much. I did, however embrace the self improvement aspects through areas such as meditation, self love, and so forth. What ,I consider, is the foundation for most magick. Some may disagree with me on some of that but that was where I was on my path at that point. Anyway, the first thing I learned was how to ground. The way I was taught was imagining a light rain washing over me with the sun shining brightly overhead and as it rained the water would wash away all the negative energy and the sun replaced it with positive. That didn’t work for me. My, again, paranoid brain made me feel as if the negative energy just pooled around me and when I got up and stepped in it, that it would cling right back to me. That is when I heard about connecting a root from your tailbone to the core, at this point I didn’t know what chakras were. Well I tried that but I was having a difficult time figuring how to get the negative energy into the root. That is when I came across a really silly idea, I used a squeegy to wipe all the negative energy to that root and then it quickly sucked down from the root to the core. Now I am focusing alot more on developing myself. I have alot I am working on but I still have mundane life I have to deal with. So I have changed it up again. My point is. It is good to have a basic framework but do not be scared to change it up a bit as long as it works for you. All that being said you are unlikely to get any of it perfectly right out of the box. Practice and consistency is key. This is my own experience. I hope I have helped someone.


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I spoke about this here. Three basic types of magick work. From there, you can build out into whatever system you want, and can make it as simple or as complicated as you see fit.


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