Advice to talk to a succubus

I have never spoken to one before. Little backstory i never been on a relationship with anyone before please don’t judge. Everytime i tried i feel like a force that pushes them away from me like there is someone pushing them away from me. Anyway i sorta gave up to talking to human girls and developed an interest on succubi i don’t know of its possible to be friends with them. I don’t fit in with other humans i never had. One guy told me that whatever i am i’m a powerful being. Enough of that. I’ve thought about this for months but is it possible to be friends with them or i have to be in a relationship to speak to one.
My opinion on succubi, they are special and amazing beings. If you are a succubus and you are reading this i do get sad when humans call you monsters and think that you only there for sex. Humans think that they good for nothing. I think that their special and should be treated with respect and i know that they do actually want to have friends or lovers.
I need some tips to find one.



There is plenty on this website for you to search. Start with this and see what happens.

Good Luck Bud!


Thanks for the help

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