Advice Please - Tarot Cards

For the past three months, I keep getting readings about a possible relationship starting; however, I’m straching my head still.

For one, I do not have any possible prospects. Once the pandemic hit, everyone I know scattered to the ends of the earth. The one single man I do know is a religious zealot and I have no interest in dating another Christian man. Never, ever again!

And secondly, I feel like the biggest fraud in the world when it comes to my life at the moment. After trying to have a serious conversation with my Dad about the LHP and dragons, my Dad hasn’t taken me seriously.

I went to my sister and finally confessed everything about my struggles and my fears. I told her about the Dragon Current and her face just became blank.

I haven’t pulled a full set of tarot cards, as it takes me forever to read them and understand them. But I don’t understand why I get the readings I do.

The top three cards that are always pulled are:

The Empress
The Lovers
The Devil

Someone pulled a reading for me the other day with the same three cards, along with the fool and hanged man (upside down).

One of my reaccurring dreams since childhood has been more intense. My anger has increased a lot more as I go deeper to heal my heart and I received the same message.

So, has anyone else has basically the same reading for three months in a row? And how can I interpret it differently? As of right now, I’m stumped.

Could it basically mean a better relationship with myself?


I think you should replace the word “relationship” with “partnership” and look again at your life. Just an idea.


Most people cannot comprehend the powers that we seek, or the crossroads that we have to traverse to get there. And most people never really confront their own shadows either, so something like this is… well… to be expected, I guess. Sad, but true. We as LHP practitioners walk a solitary path, which basically only other LHP practitioners really understand…

This was the feeling I got from the three cards. In short, the Empress being the nurturer or sustainer. The Lovers can mean to overcome trials, and the Devil apart from the obvious; also “Living in fear, domination and bondage… discretion should be used in personal and business matters.” - and also a desire to break free… Non Serviam.

Maybe you should keep your practice to yourself at this time and work on you, and your relationship with yourself as you said - and to nurture yourself primarily. Keep growing and nurturing the depths of yourself first and foremost.

Anyway that’s my interpretation. I am sure others here have others views on this…

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what kind of advice you looking for? well, can’t be advice cuz you don’t have a partner. ARe you looking for divination to see if someone potential might come into your life?

If you asking about tarot analysis i can’t help. but if your asking about potential future partner i can help using another system.

if you tell me your bday i can do a quick check using chinese astrology if potential people may come into your life in the near future. Just don’t have a chart like mine where i’m forever meant to be alone. lol all attempt at making relationship seems to blow up. haha. :bomb: not caused by me of course. i tend to attract ladies who don’t seem know how to communicate or put effort in it and make big deal of nothing. its’ like talking to a wall. I think you know what i’m saying.

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Hi Jenna

Peace to you.

The Empress is a mother, a nurturer, but she is also beautiful and sensual. The Lovers can mean a soul connection, and love, but in the archaic, it usually meant a choice. The devil can mean corruption, or the wrong choice being made. What choices do you have in front of you?

Be careful.

If I were you, I would ask the Tarot to explain the drawing, and use the Devil as a significator.

Cheat Sheet:

Major Arcana-powerful and universal spiritual forces at work.

Wands-passionate, quick moving energy. Represents fire signs in the Zodiac, such as Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. Represents growth, passion, leadership, business and commerce.

Swords-Air signs, such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Intellectual, cutting, mental and professional. Quick moving and can be forceful, as swords, just as wands can be, are weapons.

Pentacles-slow moving, grounded earth energy. Reliable, patient, career, work and domestic situations, money and investment. Zodiac signs are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Cups-water, water signs as Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. Emotion, love, creativity and psychic abilities, empathic abilities. Can be fast or slow.



@diogenes, thank you. I am actually at a crossroads and rethinking my path. Without going in to details, there are certain people dropping off like flies.

I actually had a good conversation with a friend of mine who is has been helping me hone my skills in muscle testing (I use this method instead of a pendulum), some things came out as I laid everything on the table.

As I was explaining what was going on, she told me I was an empath and probably some of the decisions I was making were based on the energies of others. So, thank you for your insight.

@anon37593562, I will think about this and message you by Thursday. Thank You!

@Lasembere, shadow work is currently being done. The person coming out is mean and vicious. It’s a constant reminder to be kind. For the second time in my life, I have no desire to talk to my Dad. He’s actually been okay with me “taking a break” from him.

@Lasembere, I agree.

@ReyCuervo - Thank You, I really appreciate this idea. However, I am not sure how I would be in a partnership with myself.


Lovers funnily enough almost never themselves represent love itself. The Empress Devil and Hangman usually mean different things than you’d expect to. Study an research what I’m on about. You might find some bigger truths at hand.

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@Dusk, thank you for your insight.

I’ll research, it will take some time though.


You are welcome. As for the empath abilities, your friend is right. It is an ability that will bring out the worst in others, oddly enough, simply because most empaths tend to heal by their nature. Carry black tourmaline or labradorite, or amethyst with you. Anointing yourself with a grounding oil such as patchouli can help.

Verbally dismiss those energies that you recognize as belonging to others.

I teach and read Tarot. Can I help you? Do you need a reading?



That would be very much appreciated!

I will pull a reading for you.

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Thank you so much. I really do appreciate it.

Would you be able to send it in a private message?