Advice please - 2 speeding offences in one week :-( . None for 20 years

I have been driving for more than 20 years, without ever having been caught speeding (I have had 2 parking tickets in this time though).
I’m returning home after seeing friends across country and I see that I have two speeding offences. Am I just unlucky for the first time in 20 years or is this no co-incidence? I have just started practising magick working with demons.

I know that I shouldn’t have been speeding in the first place.
Sometimes you can get away with a fine, other times they prosecute you.
I could lose my licence which I need for work and for taking my child to school so I am really worried.

Is there a spirit or demon I can call upon to help lessen the punishment I could receive? Has anyone had experience of success in this department before?

Any helpful suggestions welcome.

Belial is the go to for law enforcement issue.


Thank you. I am going to try and make contact tonight.
Is he one for beginners?

In depth working with him isn’t really for beginners, but for something like this, I don’t see a problem.

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A traffic lawyer. It worked for me. No points.


Thanks, that was also on my list. Great that you got no points.
I have just contacted a lawyer specialising in speeding offences - he’s calling me back in the morning.
I would like to also have a demon onside as both offence notices together in such a short space of time can lead to me being banned from driving…

@DarkestKnight - what would you say to my calling upon King Paimon for this administrative matter. Is it too small fry?
The reason I ask is that I’ve been meaning to work with King Paimon for some time with a view to building a relationship as recently, he’s been popping into my head quite often.

Nothing is small fry if it affects your life. Sure, call upon King Paimon.

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I recommend Belial also. I was on my way back home from an out of state job interview. I asked Belial to protect me from start to finish. I was speeding like it was nobody’s business through a small town because I was in a hurry to get home. Had to have been 85 in a 35. I know it was wrong. I saw the cop sitting behind a building when I flew past him and knew he was going pull me over. I admit, speeding is wreckless, so I’m in no way condoning it.

Anyway, the cop stopped me, looked past me like he saw something, asked if I was ok and why was I going so fast, and when I told him I was just in a rush to get back home from an interview, he looked past me again, then let me go without a ticket.

I should have got a ticket because of how fast I was going. I know Belial helped me because I would have paid for the ticket, admin fees, the list goes on.

I recommend Belial.

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Thanks @QueenMustang. Amazing story. I’ve never thought I needed protection as in more than 20 years nothing like this has happened and now 2 fines land on my doorstep in one week.

I’m not condoning speeding either. I would just like to lessen the punishment if possible as being a single parent without any friends/family around or help from my ex (I am only living here miles from my support network so that my child can have a regular relationship with my ex), I really cannot afford to be banned from driving or the hefty fines I’ll be liable to pay.

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I think now would be a great time for a friend to pay me back for 2 days of “amazing” (her words, not mine) hypnobirthing I did for her a while back. It would certainly help me cover the fines.
I’ve hinted so much but I don’t think I am going to see the money without tanking our friendship. Would King Belial be good for this matter too?
Or would you just let it go for the sake of a longstanding friendship and ask for a testimonial instead?

I would go with King Paimon to influence your friend to pay the debt.

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Okay, thanks @DarkestKnight.
I think I’m going to be busy tonight :grinning:. Time to crack open the single malt whiskey as offerings.
When you first started working with demons, did you put any protections in place?
Any that are simple for a beginner?
In the past I have worked with GoM books where usually call 5 archangels before contact but now I’m starting think this might be energetically incompatible/disrespectful when working with demons.

It’s not. The demons don’t seem to mind, and many have had great success with the GOM methods. It’s only the demon worshippers that seem to have the issue.

When I first started with demons, I used the method in EA’s book Works of Darkness, which involves a circle and triangle.

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Thanks @DarkestKnight - I am not familiar with this but it is good to know for reference.

I was planning on taking a break from magick for a few days but I guess the speeding letters might be a way of the Universe cattle-prodding me to do the opposite.
I’ll continue with the GoM method.

it’s just part of life. 20 yrs and 2 ticket in that time is pretty good stats. I would say it’s just bad luck timing. If one breaks the law. eventually they get caught. the lucky ones are the ones not caught. for that length of time. i’m surprise it’s not more base on random events.


@anon37593562 - thanks!
I’m trying to think of it in that way too and try and put out any non co-incidence out of my mind - because that in itself could become self-fulfilling!

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