Advice on the forum

I understand the need for advice i would just like to state my humble opinion to those whom may do this or not depending on your opinions and approaches.

Suggesting psychological pragmatic approaches is admirable but why do some people do it?

Why do some people decide to choose psychological approaches in a magic based forum?

My personal opinion: the psychological part should be how you would approach any given situation through magick.

Im not sure why im writing this i may be a lil F’D up atm but still.

Also psychology is naturally flawed.


All things are naturally flawed. Tis nature.

As to this advice, past suicidal people I haven’t noticed too much of this


The Kybalion, and the Hermetica are largely psychologically based. Magic is mind.


Forgot this. I agree 100%


without mind, there would be no will, imagination, or analytical reasoning. without those, there is no magic save sympathetic items only, which still misses the magic without mind to accompany the item.


I. Agree.

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Because a huge portion of magick is psychology, especially when your magick works well.

Also, if you can solve an issue with simple psychology, then it leaves you free to use your energy and efforts in magick on other needs.

Have you ever heard anyone say that we all do magick in some way whether we mean to or not? That is mostly because of psychology. We all too often consider magick to be supernatural, but some of the most powerful sorcerers never step into a ritual. In a mundane example, look at a world leader. In the context of a bardic magician this holds true as well. Music is a form of magick, IMO, and look how it can evoke instant emotional reactions. Powerful stuff, and the effect primarily comes from psychology.


It’s good to assess any psychological problems before starting magic especially black magick. All of your repressed issues are going to come up at some point and spirits will make you aware of your shortcomings. They want to help you overcome them or use them to manipulate you.

If you are aware of your psychological problems or weaknesses you will be better equipped to handle them when they pop up. I for example suffer from depression so i’m not going to put myself in certain situations.


depends on the definition of psychology if we are using the original greek term it means study of the soul which includes the mind. Unlike the modern definition which is just the mind, and puts the soul part into a mini catagory of parapsychology. Either way there both interconnected.