Advice on invocation of my holy guardian angel

I was thinking of creating a personal daily ritual to invoke my hga l I would be b thankful for any suggestions or advise I dreamt of.a modified version of the hexagram ritual, am I crazy to think he’s was communicate ing w me


Look into the specifics of the Abremelin Operation, where the entire concept of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel comes from.

There are shorter, modern versions of it, like Jason Newcomb’s 21st Century Mage.

Also, look into the Invocation of the Bornless One, which is has been traditionally used for this purpose. Alistair Crowley has the version he used in Liber Samekh, and Jason Miller has the version he used to attain the HGA in his book Sorcerer’s Secrets.

That might give you some ideas about how to create yours.


Thanks,would you say that kundalini yoga is helpful n finding and having conversation with the HGA

Or bakti yoga

Helpful, possibly, but completely unnecessary. What matters is the devotion, purification, and daily invocations/prayers.

An interesting side note is that many who complete the Abremelin Operation in its entirety and attain the Knowledge and Conversation of the HGA fully turn to black magick afterwards.


Inflame yourself in prayer thanks so much for the advice do mean my daily regimen like l.b.r.p, middle pillar etc.,…

I’ve been thinking about adding liberal fresh, what do u tell?:ok_woman::frowning_woman::no_good_woman:

Honestly, you do not need any of the Golden Dawn rituals to contact the HGA. All you really need is the daily prayers/invocations. Anything else is just gravy.

If you were to complete the full operation, it starts off slowly with a prayer upon awakening and before sleeping and steadily progresses to where your entire day is one long invocation.

I have no idea what that means.

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What about some of the more brutal aspects of the Abramelin? The fasting, the cold, etc? Necessary or no?

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Not necessary. They are simply extensions of the purification that is requited.

In 21st Century Mage, Jason Newcomb talks about how a lot of the supposed rules in the Abremelin Operation are not needed in modern times, like the injunction not to sleep with your wife if she is menstruating.

The only thing absolutely needed is complete and utter commitment and devotion to the goal of the HGA. By the time the first two month period has past, the focus of your entire day should be on the HGA, which may necessitate some social isolation from outside influences as much as is possible.


Liber resh

What about it?

Liber Resh is Crowley’s adoration to the Sun and has nothing to do with the HGA.

Edit: Ooooohhh, I see now it was the correction of your earlier comment. My bad.

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Thank you for the advice I am working on a modified hexagram ritual / tipheret ritual . I want to make a personal my own version of the born less one

I’m very interested in any advice specially from the left-hand path perspective I agree I may not need Goldendawn rituals

What besides knowledge and conversation with the HGa, would you suggest that I work towards as far as being true adept

Isn’t the sun , a symbol for 5=6

I don’t know. I don’t bother with numerology or gematria.

What I do know is that Liber Resh is simply a practice for the aspirant to identify themselves with the sun and nowhere is it written that it is affiliated with the HGA in any way.

“The object of this practice is firstly to remind the aspirant at regular intervals of the Great Work; secondly, to bring him into conscious personal relation with the centre of our system; and thirdly, for advanced students, to make actual magical contact with the spiritual energy of the sun and thus to draw actual force from him.”

Ultimately, you will have to decide for yourself. Liber Resh was written by Crowley for a specific purpose but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t adapt it, unless you’re practicing the specific religion of Thelema, in which case you would use it for its designated purpose.

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Very deep thank you

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I loved 21 century mage thank u

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Glad i could help :slight_smile: