Advice Needed: Other Magicians and Lodges

Hey guys long story short is I joined two magical lodges last year. I wanted to meet people who were similarly minded and maybe get some new friends.

The two lodges are very different one features affluent people, more educated people and generally more welcoming people in general. I have made friends there who have been supportive and that have come to my home. This lodge seems to deal with more white magick.

The other one features poorer people, less educated people who have decided to better themselves using magick and mostly dark magick. These people tend to have more connections or at least more willing to share their connections and knowledge than the other one. However, they are not as friendly as the first lodge. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, at the second lodge there is a man has not accomplished much, three kids with three different women, in debt, ugly, fat etc. Anyway, we would speak quite regularly at meetings and also on the phone. He started to make moves I told him it would never work out and told him that I am in a committed relationship (a lie, I’m single). I honestly don’t even like him as a friend but I do recognize his magical knowledge and have bounced a few ideas off him.

Anyhow, he needed a favour job wise and I helped him to land the job through a connection I had there no easy feat as the dude only has a GED. This job required a degree and the previous post holder had an ivy league education. My contact respects my opinion and so he got the job. Anyway, I felt the gratitude was lacking. So I decided this was the last straw and I decided to scale down communication with this loser. However, I strongly suspect this dude has been throwing magic my way attempting to get me to like him. He left me a salty voice message and I had a dream with him kissing me while I was in bed. I almost told my contact to deny him the job BUT I thought it was risky he may have been suspicious. The guy also told me he did some heavy magick to get the job too. Weirdly too my contact within the organization and I had a little tiff so there was that too. I have had a strong professional relationship with this man for YEARS and I found it so odd that we had a tiff after asking for a favour for this guy. Maybe this guy is simply filled with bad energy?

I am wondering what do you guys think I should do against this guy magickally or what are your opinions in general. Am I over-thinking? I should add I am thinking about leaving the lodge with that dude. Maybe even exiting the other one too, sometimes I am just tired of humans. Fellow magicians seems to have more complexities too, I was a one person lodge for years and was doing ok.

You apparently see somthing that I don’t. I don’t see anything resembling magical power or knowledge in a guy who can’t seem to get his life under control. Focus your energy on creating the life you want. When you envision a life that happens to not have him in it you will find that he just disappears on his own.


I think you should do what you want, but this is not the first time I’ve seen someone here request advice on magickal attack against another magician, and so I will tell you what I told the last person. If you feel the need to seek advice for this situation, on a public forum where the enemy may see what you are up to, then you may want to think more about if this is the path of action that you want to take.

I’m not trying to get tangled up in someone else’s affairs, but I will give you my opinion on what you have said. Causing another to have sexual dreams about you is a reasonably well-known effect you can cause with magick. Compelling others to assist you with whatever is an especially renowned power of demon magick. I have personally seen how demons can cause another’s reputation, including the opinions of those in their closer relationships, to deteriorate and fall into ruin. I can’t say with certainty, but I smell Lucifer.

I’m certainly no stranger to the drama that can occur in groups of occultists, and I will say that in my opinion it is just not worth getting yourself involved in a war with no possibility of reward. It sounds like this guy isn’t exactly living on cloud nine. What could you possibly gain from him?

Again, do what you want, and again, I’m not trying to get involved with your shit, but you may find that doing a little protection magick, throwing down a binding, and then getting on with your life to be the most prudent decision. Or you can trade curses until you’re bloody and one of you is dead. Magickal war can be quite fun, but in war, there are always casualties.

You may find that as you become powerful with magick, more and more people may seek to act against you. Some of this will be paranoia and can be discarded, but it is true that the more significant you are the more your very existence will provoke jealousy in others. The way I deal with this is by being proactive and doing magick to encourage the situations and manifestations that I want to occur. Even if some nameless nobody tries to curse me, and by some miracle their feeble magick has some sort of effect in my life, this is all washed away because my reality is nearly continuously in motion towards what I have decided will be.

I like hanging around occultists, as normal people are usually just so fucking boring, but you gotta take the ups with the downs. It may help if everyone in the more troublesome lodge can all get aligned around a common objective to encourage mutual cooperation. I like hanging out with demons, but you gotta understand what you’re getting into. Again, I am just giving my opinion out on the internet and do not intend to take sides. Don’t fuck with me please.

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