Advice needed on banishing spell

Hi there, I’ve been MIA for a bit, because well…that’s just how I roll lol
I didn’t know what section to post this in so forgive me if it’s in the wrong place.
I have been having some trouble in performing a spell in removing someone permanently from every aspect of my life. The reason for that is because this person is friends with my boyfriend, and because he doesn’t seem to want this person gone from his life…is most likely why it backfired. When I performed my own spell, it worked in the sense where the person ended up blocking and deleting me from their life (which was fine) but they still talked to my boyfriend, which was not fine. We have since mended fences, but my end of the fence mending severely lacks in sincerity.
So I was hoping someone would know of a spell that would make my boyfriend be repelled by this person and end the relationship with them permanently…Im talking block and delete this person from all his social media, phone, gaming console…everything, and never look back.
I know it’s a long shot…and if no spells work then obviously I will have to have a talk with boyfriend, but we’ve sort of already had this conversation, and it didn’t go well, so if I talk to him about this again, it’s basically going to be me ending the relationship…I’d like to avoid that if I can, so I want to exercise all of my other options first.

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You can get a copy of “Magickal Attack” by Gordon winterfield. It has a ritual to Remove somebody from your life it might help.

Magickal Attack: Silence, Bind and Crush Your Enemies With The Art of Occult Warfare (The Gallery of Magick)

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angel of wrath have ‘force exile’ spell.

I would think it hard to get rid of person because your boyfriend keep reeling him back.

break up with the boyfriend and then you have no problem getting rid of person. If boyfriend is not supportive of you then discussion might be needed.

To remove someone completely means no association with person’s associates. the boyfriend wanting contact don’t help.

hmmm…i wouldnt call them an enemy, and its not my life that i need to remove them from…its my boyfriends…which is the tricky part :wink:

yeah thats what i suspected…if i broke up with the boyfriend then that person would definately no longer be in my life and i wouldnt need the assistance of a spell for that to happen…but i was hoping to keep the boyfriend…and sort of find a way to have him come to the decision that he no longer wants them in his life…

They don’t necessarily have to be your enemy in order to banish them and the spell works even if you want to remove someone from somebody else’s life. What matters are your intentions.

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sometimes other people have baggage not worth dealing with. you have to decide you want that baggage or not. is it worth it just to be with a guy? your well being more important.

yeah you’re right…ill check it out…thanks

yeah, i know that…its not like its a new relationship weve been together a long time so its not like i just want to throw everything away…so i just want to exercize all other options before heading down that road

never compromise yourself. it’s toxic. working together is different from compromise. that’s how people get in trouble. that’s how people waste time of their life. time is precious. that’s why many people stay longer than they should says the more than 50% divorce people.

If someone cares. it shouldn’t be a struggle to talk it out. If it’s issues even just discussion about things. than there’s issues more than just about the person you want gone.

Length of time with person means nothing. quality matters more. one can know someone for decades and still don’t know them. one can be close to someone for even a month and have better connection than someone for decades. it’s all relative depending on intimacy connection/ communication.

There are so many people who get betrayed by those they think are family in an instant. we really don’t know a person except through their behaviors and action. many talk nice so people think they are good. But inside there is a monster waiting for chance to pounce on your vulnerabilities. lol.

Action speaks louder than words. Be careful those who talk nice and compliment often without action proof.

while i appreciate what you’r saying, all i wanted to know was if there was a spell or not, not discuss how toxic you feel my relationship is, thank you for the warning, but dont judge my relationship based on a few words i have said about it on a post…thanks

Ive never worked with a demon before…i have wanted to …just dont know enough to jump into it…if you have the names of some id love to look into them though

Okay, if it’s your first time, perhaps work with angels? There’s a book called “72 angels of magick” by Damon brand. And if possible (in your country, I’m in UK) I know a website that lets you browse books completely for free for a few days. Angels are also capable of what demons can do, hit me up if you want to know more

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