Advice/info please

I am going into a “state” every time i try to go to sleep. It feels sleep paralysish, except i can exit the state, open my eyes, or move around to end it at any time. It always occurs in the same fashion. I feel my third eye and crown start to tingle and then i feel it expand and shoot down my back to my taint. Vibrating begins to emanate from all of my body and i start to hear the surroundings like i’m deep underground and the volume increases. At this point I either start to become aroused, feel warmth from inside my body, feel cold from outside my body, my eyes start moving rapidly, or a combo.

I feel like this is a stepping stone to something, but i cant seem to reach the next step. If I tell myself, “This is it” and try to peer through/move through it, it begins to dissipate. If I tell myself to, 'focus on the feeling", it begins to dissipate. If i try to just relax and let it happen, it begins to dissipate. I’ve asked if anyone is there and if they can guide me, but it just dissipates.

I feel no malevolence with this. I am not becoming ill. Surprisingly, when i finally sleep, I am waking up more refreshed then i have in years. It wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t occurring more and more frequently. This used to happen maybe once a week for a few minutes. Last night it happened 9 times in a row over 2 hours.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? How did you progress?

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Definitely how I feel entering sleep paralysis but early stages. Probably your third eye opening. Instead of trying to think during the happening just identify with it mabye? That’s how I induce it. Be curious to see your results.

It’s like trying to forcefully inducing a sneeze or orgasm. You can’t. You have to sortv just identify with it.


lol, i sneeze so much easier though. I think my issue is my stupid mind wanting to over analyze every bit of it. Like the old adage of telling someone don’t think of a cat and they immediately think of a cat. I’ll def let everyone know if I get results or something changes. Bound to eventually at the rate this seems to be increasing lol

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