Advice for the Dark Night of the Soul


A month ago, during one of the darker periods of the Dark Night of the Soul, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The Light within the Dark.


As insight poured into my mind, I was humbled by this beautiful being. I suddenly knew, that my path would lead me to Lucifer. The light filled this space inside of me, showing me, that Darkness is Light, and vice versa.

I found that my previous beliefs were destroyed, and a part of my perception has changed. And I am grateful for this. But now, a month later, I have been plunged into the Dark Night once again. As I write I understand the beauty of it, but I feel that everything is being destroyed whilst I, continue have to fight off my own mind and ego. And the fighting causes me to suffer.

I have found that things are changing, and I am planning to evoke Lucifer, but I am being patient.
I do not want to rush this process, yet I feel like I am impatient. I feel like I am not willing to go through this Dark Night. My mind seems to think that I should call him in order to get out of the Night. But I feel that this process, has to be done, thoroughly and with no mercy for the ego. And at times, it is very hard. Bringing out all these feelings and beliefs and judgements about everything is tiring.

And I know, that many others are also going through this path. Going through the pain and suffering (although suffering is a choice) that destroys one’s ego.

And that is the beautiful gift the Dark Night of the Soul offers us.

My advice to those who also undergo this cleansing process, would be to surrender.
To give up that which has been holding you in it’s grasp,
To destroy the very thing that has been holding you back for all your lives,
To become the True Being that you are.

I personally am awaiting my Death, for it will come to me and I will surrender.
And I know, deep inside, that as I walk in this Darkness, this valley of Death, I shall be cleansed in the fire, and be reborn anew like the phoenix.

Funny, I was planning to ask for advice and it ended up inspiring and advising myself.
I hope it does to you too. I’ve been in my Dark Night, for 6 years now, and I know that these moments of clarity or inspiration can help.

Seems where I want to go, is not where I usually end up. Especially with writing.

Thank you for reading.


Death is the ultimate adventure and mystery. One we all MUST FACE. it was interesting reading this did you face this during soul travel?

It’s called Dark Night of the Soul, not Dark Decade. I don’t know what you’re going through but I hope you’re taking care of yourself :o


Its is indeed a hard path but once you start freeing up the the space in the shadow self each limitation which causes us suffering lifts and instead makes us stronger and wiser. We are prepared for future situations and how to handle them without them causing suffering because we know what to look for. So there is indeed a light but to maintain it requires the work. Same as finding the Darkness in the light. Two specrums we must go through to truly understand ourselves and the beyond.


Im not negating what your saying op. But are you writing this as a true experience or did you read something and post it on a thread. This brings to mind the thread i read in the forum some time ago with every new magician having miraculous experiences while the adepts within the community are still honing their skills

I’ve been going through it after a few months of my Kundalini awakening and meeting my spiritual twin.
But I must say, that the Kundalini awakened spontanously and I absolutely did not know what I was going through. But I feel like I am understanding more and more about everything happening around me, including my Dark night. Information and knowledge drip slowly into my mind.
But this experience with Lucifer, was the first time I saw the Light within the Dark. And also the Dark within the Light.

I’d say that it is partly based on reading but also on experience. I’ve not found my death yet, but I am certainly approuching it.

Everyone will approach their death just make notes of everything so you can go back on your journal and your experiences and go “wow”

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Thanks for your concern. :slight_smile:

I think what I’ve been going through I haven’t really taken this path very seriously to be honest, because I didn’t know what I was going through. And maybe that’s why it takes so long.
Also, I think a Dark night can even last for lifetimes. But that’s something I read, so i’m not sure.

But i’m taking care of myself, thanks :slight_smile:

Ahhh, yes. The Spinal Fire that burns away and destroys all of your bullshit and forces you to be you and nothing else. Welcome to the real you. An amplified version of you.

How is your diet?


To be honest, I’m not eating very healthy and I smoke cigarettes too and have other bad habits that I should be leaving.
And this makes it all very hard to be honest. But it’s difficult to quit or change these things…

I wrote this thread in a small moment of inspiration. After moment passes, I starts to fight again. Control is something I have it difficult with. But yeah, thing will have to change whether I like it or not.

Recently Ive seen a lot of this as what seems to me to be utter bullshit.
Not invalidating others perceptions or experiences, their path is their path, mine is mine.
But its bullshit to me, in that Im seeing through a lot of it, and am trying to come to grips with what the reality of any of this is, not only here, but in the real world as well.
Example, the idea of JCI vs goetia. Pretty much one and the same, just the nightside in my opinion. 72 shem angels, 72 goetic demons. Different masks. But, where do they originate and occupy? The JCI region.
So what does it mean for me? Little really, as Im not a Hebrew, but a Celt. So will my gods be more powerful? Maybe yes, maybe no. If its the maybe no its because of less belief in them, giving them less external power. If maybe yes, its because they are different masks worn by the same entities.
So what does it all mean?
Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?
In my opinion, only the individual can have the final decision on their belief and understanding.



I believe that I am inside a dark night. However I call it, I am definitely going through “bad” experiences in order to let go of a certain idea of who I am.

According to my experiences and beliefs about it, it always comes down to surrendering my “control” I think to have. At first everything breaks down, destroys everything I ever held dear and completely puts me naked in front of a darkness so strong, that I have no other option then to surrender. So to me it really seems like a period of darkness. In which I also have started to appreciate the darkness.

I do not believe however, that everyone have to go through such an experience, all roads lead to rome, some are shorter, some are longer.

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You are spot on mate

This will be a bit provocative to some maybe, but I have to add that I find it very surprising how much energy someone has to talk and tell about having a so called dark night of the soul. To me, in my experience, a dark night of the soul is devastating, life-changing on all levels. You either survive or not. It is all about survival and chaos. So I think it is important to differentiate between having some dark, difficult episodes in your life and a dark night of the soul. If you have enough energy to write a lot about having a dark night of the soul and maybe even upload some pictures about it on Instagram or whatever, you do not have a dark night of the soul. And when you realize that you should be grateful for it.


I have to agree, A text like I wrote you would not find anyone writing in their dark night of the soul.
But i do think it comes in phases, and i remember the first phase being the most difficult, life changing experience of this lifetime. And this thread has been written in a more inspirational period.

The thing is, I have voices inside my head, which I think is artificial telepathy being done on me. But in the first phase where the voices were different, And I think it was a preparation for this phase in this experience.
As I was in this dark night, I was the most horrible person I could imagine. I hated everyone, and everyone was against me, there was no ‘light’ so to speak. Waking up with voices, going to sleep with voices, and dreaming with voices. And the voices weren’t the only thing. After my kundalini awakening, my mind couldn’t handle all the information being downloaded, so it went batshit crazy, with past life crazies and paranoia i still have to deal with.

I’ve been through my ‘hell’ so to speak, and with phases still going on, I consider my self still in my dark night, because I associate those voices and thoughts with this dark night that always gets triggered by a inside or outside experience, which I have to, indeed, survive through. It’s not an easy thing and definetaly not a fun experience, but I am learning to accept my darkness and light, and merge them together, as one.

I do want to add, that my dark night of the soul has been triggered by a VERY fearful experience, after my kundalini awakening, where i was so fearful for my life, my sight turned to tunnel vision and fear completely overtook me. Although I was always safe, this fear continues to manifest, years later, into paranoia.
That’s also why I consider myself inside a phase of the dark night, where things are going easier, and processing the experience of the last phase with occasional insights.

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There’s alot of naysayers on this thread so i would like to clear it up a little … Dark night of the soul is a process you go through during spiritual awakening if you have been there you can talk if you havn’t then you wouldn’t have the first clue so if you havn’t had a spiritual awakening dont try to understand it. it can last a day a week maybe months it may come back. + There is no advice for it as spiritual awakening is a unique process for each indivual.

I don’t want to fight about what is considered a dark night of the soul or not. I think it would be much more constructive to draw the conclusion that you are now in a less chaotic period after a very bad one, and that is good. I struggle with some things myself these days, so I don’t have an enormous amount of energy to try to understand or turn things around to look at them from all directions to get a better perspective but good luck with your process.

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Thank you, and yes you are right :slight_smile:

I wish you the same.

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