Advice Concerning Lilith

In the past two and half years or so, Lilith has shown up in my dreams a few times, never face to face, but causing poltergeist activity and other strange phenomena in the dream environment. A few nights ago, I was approached by Lucifer in a dream, who I’ve worked with for over two years now, and have only just “seen” for the first time the other night in the dream. I was sitting in a room with him with my crystal ball on a table between us. He was huge, probably about eight feet tall, very muscular, androgynous, pale face with a masculine body, wearing a loose blue garment. He didn’t speak, only communicated by thought, and when I would communicate back with him, he would answer me with a question that would direct me to figure out the answer for myself. I bring this up because I know that some believe Lucifer and Lilith are connected. If any of you work with both or even just one, I’d like to know if this is true. I can’t remember the conversation we were having, but whenever Lucifer shows up, I usually have a test of some sort on the way.
Fast forward to last night, I have a dream that I’m with EA Koetting strangely enough, considering I’ve never had him directly involved in my dreams. I was with him and his girlfriend (I think he said her name is Paula?) in this dream, and it was all extremely vivid. We’re hanging out in his girlfriend’s living room, and I hear something go bump in another room. It gives me a start because I thought we were the only ones there, but it turns into noises as if something is crashing around in there. I start to hear knocking on the wall, and from the other room, I hear an eerie, deep, slow, female laugh. I look at EA’s girlfriend and she’s smiling. I say, “what the hell is that??” and she replies, “It’s Lilith.”
Now, I’ve never worked with Lilith before, and to be honest, the idea of working with her has always kinda freaked me out for some reason. Let’s just say I haven’t exactly had a great time dealing with the feminine for many years. My mother was by far my most overbearing and challenging one of my parents and the girls I tended to attract in my teen years were pieces of work, deeply masochistic, irresponsible, whimsical, etc. At this point in my life, I’ve become indifferent to the feminine as a whole, I haven’t cared about dating or having sex and have given no thought to pursuing any dynamics with women. I’m wondering if Lilith is approaching me because of this, and whether or not I should work with her. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts about this, especially those who have worked with her. I’ve heard both good and bad things about her, but the fact that there’s some fear in me towards her indicates to me that maybe I should get it over with and out of the way. Another piece of info I should add is that for the last six months, I’ve been working with Asmoday pretty extensively. Would it be wise to put this previous working on hold for a while, or should I work with both together?

I can honestly say that in my experience with Lilith, She is nothing but pleasant. Just ALWAYS be honest with Her. She is very loving and protective. Always show respect and She will do the same. If you feel Lilith is reaching out to you, just talk to Her and tell Her how you feel. She’s awesome!!

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As far as I understand, Lucifer and Lillith are in a relationship. Honestly from what you explained it sounds like Lillith is playfully messing with you about your misgivings.